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Panasonic has many types of TV models whether you are after a big HDR OLED and 4K model for your living room or you are interested in smaller HD LCD unit for your beautiful bedroom there is always something for you. Below is everything you need to know about Panasonic TVs

Best Panasonic TVs

The Japanese firm of Panasonic is highly associated with high-quality plasma TVs however the company announced its end to the production of TV plasma in 2015. However, the company decided to focus its business on LED, OLED and 4K television in making the best Panasonic TV.

You can buy the best Panasonic TVs from £300 a 24-inch to 65-inch models to a tune of £2000. Despite facing tough competition on the market Panasonic has managed to survive and has launched a new range of much more impressive models

Panasonic Models

Below are best Panasonic models for your information and models numbers are explained

  • EZ1002 (EZ1000 outside the UK) – 77 and 65 inches
  • EZ952 (EZ950 outside the UK) – 65 and 55 inches
  • DX902 (2016 model, continues in 2017) – 65 and 58 inches
  • DX802 (2016 model, continues in 2017 – 58 and 50 inches
  • EX750 (EX780 in Europe) – 75, 65, 58 and 50 inches
  • EX700 – 65, 58, 50 and 40 inches
  • EX600 – 65, 55, 49 and 40 inches
  • ES500 – 49, 40, 32 and 24 inches
  • ES400 – 49, 40 and 32 inches

Understand these numbers as follows

‘ES’ is assigned to lower tier models up to 1080p

‘EX’ is assigned for 2017 4K LED LCD models

‘DX’ is assigned to the top 4K LCD LED models

‘EZ’ label symbolises its premier TVs, the 4K OLED models


Today OLED TVs are selling like hot cakes and Panasonic has managed to produce its own OLED TVs and 4K sets.  As you may know that OLED TVs are very expensive as with other known brands, the prices of 4K models are falling. The Panasonic OLED 4K TV represent the latest models with high-quality pictures


The Panasonic smart TVs run on Firefox Operating System, however, although this system looks quite dated the company has managed to refresh the OS and now it is far much colourful and interesting.

Another interesting thing is the incorporation of Twitter and YouTube and the recent addition of Freeview has revolutionised the product and secured the availability of catch-up TV.

Panasonic Freeview TV

Panasonic TV you have a Panasonic Freeview TV since 2015 with LG joining in 2016 hence Panasonic is the leader in Freeview TV. The EPG program does integrate catch-up services such programs are like BBC iPlayer and the ITV Hub that gives a customer a chance to scroll back to seamlessly find and watch a programme that you have missed in the past week.

4k Models and HDR

All 4K models are HDR compatible and with HLG. They all use the HDR10 system other than a Dolby vision. The Dolby Vision does use dynamic metadata to get the most out of different TVs, however, when it comes to Panasonic it is confident in its ability to optimise its own screen.

The good news is when we speak of HDR, Panasonic has just introduced a fast HDR mode that works well for gaming specifically to target the issue of input lag

Panasonic has abandoned the curved TV’s and now is just doing flat TVs. There was a time on the market when there was plenty of curved TVs options.


In the year 2015 Panasonic launched its first OLED TVs called the CZ952 that became a massive success although that time Panasonic was doing an experiment. Due to the success of that model two years later we saw Panasonic bringing in new models the EZ1002 and EZ952. Since that time Panasonic is committed to OLED models.

Therefore, Panasonic is in front of the use of LG OLED panels


If you want to enter a world of 4K that fits your budget, then Panasonic DX700 series will be good for you. This series offers the best 4K pictures for less than £1000 and in addition to that, it throws in HDR. This makes it a bargain at less than a £1000. On the market the best tv picture quality that is beautiful especially for 50-inch 4K UHD TV is Panasonic. The TX-50CX700B delivers superb lack levels without crushing out shadow details. This is one of the best models if you are looking for excellent quality of pictures


This model has the following services to your advantage

Freeview Play built-in

Netflix and Amazon 4K HDR apps

Firefox OS user interface

As you may be aware that Panasonic uses Firefox OS in its TVs for a little while now and this is very good to use as we like the colours. The home screen contains three key areas namely Live Tv, Apps and Devices. These enable you to pin anything else you want to the homepage

When we talk about 4k picture performance then DX700 delivers an image that’s beyond the price they offer. Now, when you feed it 4K content you will be rewarded with an incredibly sharp picture that has natural colours, subtle shading and deep blacks


If you want the best sub-£1000 4k TVs in your house then yes you absolutely make no mistake to consider Panasonic

However, if you want your TV to handle HDR Content with expertise then it is just fair to say look elsewhere


If you have enough cash and look for the highest quality of the picture on a large screen, then Samsung KS 700 will do you an excellent job. This TV is thinner than Panasonic as its connections run through a separate box making it more ideal for wall-mounting and has a brighter HDR too.


There is a range of prices for Panasonic Tv depending on the model.


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