Have you ever spent more time in TV shop but finding difficult to choose which one to buy? Choosing a good TV screen for your house can be hard work. There are two equally dependent factors which you must consider before buying or upgrading your TV screen namely size of your room and your budget. However, other factors such as viewing experience how far you sit on the screen, TV size do play an important role in decision making as well. TV Reviews 2017 help you in making the right choice for your family room.


Nowadays there’s nothing quite enjoying other than sitting down at home to watch a film or TV show on a big-screen TV while having a cup of tea or coffee. And now that 4K and HDR (High Dynamic Range) is becoming commonplace, buying or upgrading your TV will mean that movies, sports and games look, brighter and better than what you have experienced before. However, when there are so many different models, sizes and resolutions to pick from, finding the best TV for your living room can be a daunting task– balancing your time and budget. This is why this reveal has been provided to save your time and money and make informed decision


These are two rival technologies. In the year 2017 has been a big year for TV technologies. Utra HD or 4K are continuing to be adopted as the standard resolution in the AV world.

The new display of OLED and LED can be seen on TV and screens

How OLED differs to LED

There are some differences between these two rival technologies, however, to put it in short LED LCD displays using the backlight to illuminate their pixels while OLED’ pixels actually produce their own light.

You may have heard people saying OLED’s pixels as ‘emissive’ while on the other hand OLED LCD technology is ‘transmissive’

The brightness of the OLED display is controlled on a pixel by pixel basis a thing that is not possible on an LED LCD. LED TV is simply LCD TV’s that uses a different type of lamp made from light-emitting diodes in place of a fluorescent lamp. OLED is a new large-screen technology with a flat panel made up of millions tiny LED. The word OLED the ‘O’ stands for organic meaning there is carbon within its molecules of the emissive layer of the panel.

OLED is expensive than LED that is its drawback and not everyone likes OLED picture.


If you’ve right information you are 100 % likely to make an informed decision on the best TV that fits your budget and enjoyment: most TV models come in several different sizes. If you look below each of our recommended TVs, you’ll be able to make a good choice. If you like the look of one of the 65in models here, but really want a 55in TV, then simply take your pick. Barring those screen size differences, each model has identical specifications so you can be confident that image quality will be practically identical across the range. This means you can use our reviews to make a buying decision for some LED TV in the range, not just the exact model we’ve reviewed.

Ratings can also help you in decision making as they come from consumers review


We review at the following TV Brands

Samsung TV




Samsung UE49MU6400 review
The Samsung UE49MU6400 is a top mid-range 49-inch UHD TV with HDR support. Competitively-priced, with an upmarket stylish look, superb Smart TV functionality and connectivity, and excellent picture quality, it’s a TV that’s been very carefully tailored to provide everything you need for modern family viewing

 Samsung UE40MU6100
The Samsung UE40MU6100 is one of the best budget-end TVs you’ll find in 2017. Priced well even at launch, this is a nice looking TV with good picture quality, a decent audio system, and outstanding smart TV , including Netflix, Amazon and popular catch-up services.

 Samsung UE55MU6400
We’re very excited by the Samsung UE55MU6400. It’s one of the best value 55-inch TVs we’ve ever seen, giving everything that most users will want from a big screen, for well under £1,000. For that money, you get a premium-look TV with 4K HDR, superb Smart TV and excellent connectivity. It’s a bargain!

 Samsung UE55MU7070
The Samsung UE55MU7070 is a variation on the MU7000, with a grey stand instead of a silver one, and a couple of other minor tweaks. Picture quality is a step up from Samsung’s mid-range models, with excellent brightness, contrast and shadow detail. The audio system is also better than what you’ll find in Samsung’s Series 6 models.

 Samsung UE55MU7000
The Samsung UE55MU7000 is a cost-effective way to enjoy HDR1000 on a big screen. Cheaper than the MU8000 and QLED models, it still gives you superb picture quality, premium design, clutter-free cable management, and Samsung’s superb Smart TV system. Highly recommended!



LG 49SJ810v
The LG 49SJ810V is a flagship 49″ TV with premium styling and good picture quality. The comprehensive Smart TV system includes Freeview Play, Freesat HD, Netflix and Amazon. Viewing angles are particularly wide, making this a good choice for a family TV. It’s a good choice for gamers too.

LG 55SJ850V
The LG 55SJ850V is an excellent mid-range 4K HDR TV with a big screen and plenty of smart functionality. With smart looks, rich audio, and wide viewing angles, it’s a good all-rounder. And with streaming content from Amazon and Netflix, plus catch-up TV from the BBC iPlayer and others, there’s nothing missing.


Panasonic TX-50EX750B review


The EX750B is the top-end model in Panasonic’s 2017 range of LED TVs and it’s a UHD HDR model. The 50-inch screen is a very good size for family viewing, and this model is a solid all-rounder, with excellent picture quality, good Smart TV and connectivity, and a neat and flexible design.

Dropping in below the excellent EX750B, the Panasonic EX700B is a more affordable 4K HDR TV with an attractive design. Next, to its pricier sibling, the picture looks a little grey, and motion blur makes it a poor option for football fans, but for overall family viewing it’s not a bad choice of 50-inch TV.


Review: SONY TV

We are going to have Sony TV Review so you have better informed of the TV and in comparison to other brands.

Sonys is a Japanese TV maker who was once a giant for quality, style and substance TV however nowadays it ranks behind LG and Samsung. Sony TV has a great quality of sound and it has excellent inbuilt unbeatable speakers.

If you have used Android phone or tablet, you will be surprised that Sony’s Android TV platform is familiar

If we can compare Sony to OLED, Sony may not possess the deepest blacks and the brightest whites, however, Sony has recently announced that is will now be venturing into a new black-light technology that will be producing 4-times the brightness compared to current OLED- black LCD screen

Sony was known for the high price of its TV, however, this has since changed and no longer the highest price on the market. This Sony TV review provides tables below for easy comparison

Compare Sony and LG TV

In terms of picture quality, Sony presents a better quality than LG TVs. Even their IPS models that have the same panel as LG which tend to have better uniformity and gets brighter

Both Sony and LG offer OLED models now and LG offers the cheapest one, which is a plus



Compare Sony vs Samsung TV

To compare Sony vs Samsung TV in terms of picture quality Samsung has high quality compared to Sony TV, however, in general, they are pretty competitive with each other.

The big difference between the two TVs is the physical build quality, especially with higher-end models


Sony produces great TVs while it tends not to be the cheapest on the market. Sony TV is generally quite versatile that helps them suitable for most customers. Overall package Sony offers is better than average hence it is fair to say their reputation holds true and you are less likely to be disappointed when you buy one as the quality of the picture is almost great.


Sony TV ‘s have a range of prices depending on the shop you buy, however, the cheap prices are shown below from a trusted online shop Amazon.

Sony TV  £629

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  • Hi there, and thanks for the information. I am looking a bit for TVs all the time. I do like the Samsung UE 40 smart tv but when I open it on Amazon it gives totally different names and numbers than your review. It is always like this with these electronic products, the definitions go so far you never find the same thing two times.

    1. You are welcome-yes more than brands I have provided some to links on the post

      1. Stefan-I will provide you with a direct link to Samsung ue40 when I arrive home, apology that the link gave you a different Samsung tv brand

    2. Hi Stefan-i have provided some links to the tv’s that may help. Let me know if there is anything i can do to help

  • Hi Lucious, I found your post very informative. I personally have a LG TV and love it. I have to definitely agree with your post. My LG TV has the best pictures for gaming. And it has some pretty awesome features as well. I would definitely recommend an LG TV for gamers. Great post!

    1. Hi Lakisha
      You are right LG TV is one of the good brands we have on the market the quality of picture is amazing
      Thank you for your comments

  • I’m the owner of a Pioneer Kuro 50″ Plasma TV, probably the best plasma ever made. I bought mine in 2009. Pioneer stopped selling them a year later. It’s also probably one of the last plasma screens made as TVs moved exclusively to LCD and LED technology.

    For me, LCD and LED couldn’t hold a candle to the quality of plasma. Now, 8 years later, I’m seeing minor screen degradation in my TV set. Not enough to ruin the viewing experience, but just enough to think about the time when I will replace the set.

    In comparison to today’s TVs, my set is a power hog, consuming 300-500 Watts per hour, depending on picture brightness.

    The only TVs that provide a picture that I subjectively think is better than the Kuro’s are those with OLED screens. So that’s what I’m holding out for. Prices are still a bit too high for my liking so I’ll give it another year or two before I retire my Kuro. 🙂

    1. Hi Gary
      thank you for sharing your experience with Plasma TV. I want to agree with you that OLED screen is very good at the moment, we know technology is fast changing but as of today OLED screen, you can’t go wrong on picture quality. It is interesting to learn your good experience with Kuro 50” Plasma TV after buying in 2009 and you are still using today proves a point. Once again thank you for your valuable information

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