Sony TV Reviews 2018

Sony TV Reviews 2018

Sonys is a Japanese TV maker who was once a giant for quality, style and substance TV however nowadays it ranks behind LG and Samsung. Sony TV has a great quality of sound and it has excellent inbuilt unbeatable speakers. Sony TV Reviews 2018 is an updated review of Sony TVs so you are kept up to date.

Anyone who has used Android phone or tablet before, you will be surprised that Sony’s Android TV platform is familiar.

Comparing Sony to OLED, Sony may not possess the deepest blacks and the brightest whites, however, Sony has recently announced that is will now be venturing into a new black-light technology that will be producing 4-times the brightness compared to current OLED- black LCD screen

Sony was known for the high price of its TV, however, this has since changed and no longer the highest price on the market. This Sony TV review provides tables below for easy comparison

Sony experience a big year in 2017 after a long absence from the OLED market. Sony came back with the Sony Bravia A1E which was a great addition to the TV premium market

In this year 2018 CES saw Sony coming with first two models TVs which are so promising, however, customers are yet to see what Sony will fully bring in this year 2018.

The new AF8 model which is an OLED is similar to old A1E and the features are more traditional stand than A1E. The second model is X900F, otherwise known as XF90 in the UK and it is an additional premium to the LCD lineup. Although 2018 doesn’t look more promising for Sony consumers are yet to see what the company will bring on the market

Let look at the two models in detail

Sony TV Model Comparison

Bravia AF8: This is available in sizes of 55 and 65 inch. AF8 is an OLED Tv model although not a lot has changed from A1E model. However, its biggest change is the stand because it can stand up without slanting and on the TV cabinet, it takes 84mm less in depth. When wall mounted it stays almost 33mm closer to a wall.

Bravia X900F: This new model is available in 49, 55, 65, 75 and 85-inch in size. This gives customers a wider choice of sizes to its advantage. Its equivalent is X900E, however, X900F has enhancement over X900E. It has also an improved local dimming from XDR x5 to XDR x6 that offers almost 20% brighter than X900E

Compare Sony and LG TV

In terms of picture quality, Sony presents a better quality than LG TVs. Even their IPS models that have the same panel as LG which tend to have better uniformity and gets brighter

Both Sony and LG offer OLED models now and LG offers the cheapest one, which is a plus.

If we compare Sony vs Samsung TV in terms of picture quality Samsung has high quality compared to Sony TV, however, in general, they are pretty competitive with each other.

The big difference between the two TVs is the physical build quality, especially with higher-end models


There are a range of prices for Sony TV Models

Bravia AF8: £270.33

Bravia X900F: £249.00


Sony still stands on the market with its new models. It is a better time to purchase one for you as it has now improved quality of picture than the previous models.

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