Let us review top slimming foods that you can eat if you want to lose weight while enjoying the food.

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Everyone enjoys eating healthy food but have you asked yourself why do we need to eat healthily? What does your body do with it? Let us look at few reasons why we need healthy food.

For energy

We all need food to work your muscles and other body organs, hence food is like the body’s fuel that keeps it going and without food, our bodies would not work.

For growth and also repair

For the body to grow you require to make new cells, these cells are needed to replace damaged or old cells. Our bodies make these cells from chemicals found in the food we eat.

To stay healthy

In order for your body to stay healthy, our bodies need certain chemicals found in the food we eat which are needed for actions in our cells to take place.

There are seven nutrition groups that are found in the food we eat, these are Carbohydrates, proteins, fat, fibre, vitamins, minerals and water.

Examples of each food group mentioned above:





Losing weight. Is it possible?

It is a hard truth to learn that the most delicious of the macronutrients foods, the carbohydrates are the one that needs our watch most closely when we want to drop weight. Today dieters anywhere in the world are scrambling for a very suitable replacement for the favourite carbo-loaded treats and also meals.

Hence, it is of no surprise to see today that food brands are doing their best to keep up with times of offering a variety of favourite edibles that cut carbs without slashing texture and flavour.

Foods linked to weight loss

Knowing foods that are linked to weight loss can help us have a good choice of type of foods to eat. According to the study that was published in New England Journal of medicine (2011) it was found that foods that are linked to weight loss are fruits, nuts, yoghurt, whole grains and vegetables. The study revealed that foods associated with weight gain were related to potato chips, potatoes, sugar-sweetened beverages, processed meats and unprocessed red meats.

Although some people have argued that healthy items are expensive but some unhealthy items are just too expensive. However, In general, healthy foods can be eaten within a budget as most of them are very cheap.

Some of the low-cost healthy foods are as follows:

Brown rice

Brown rice is a health food and can actually help you lose weight. When you take brown rice it contains 21% of the recommended daily amount of magnesium, 15% of vitamin B6, 4% of iron and 3.5g of fibre.

Researchers at Harvard found that most American who eat two or more serving of brown rice per week cut their risk of developing Type 2 diabetes by about 10%.

Health Magazine pointed out that half-cup of brown rice served contains 1.7% g of Resistant Starch that helps to increase metabolism and help in burning fat. However, brown rice is not necessarily less in calories hence it is advisable to only consume the recommended serving size and then eat an overall low-calorie diet for weight loss.

Brown Rice  £17.34


Kidney beans, black beans and Garbanzo beans: Beans do not only have proteins but they also contain fibre too. They have low calories, relatively cheap and you can add any spice or herb to make different flavour combinations.

The study from Journal of the American College of Nutrition says that bean eaters have a 23% lower risk of an expanded waistline and also have a reduction of 22% risk of obese. Consumption of beans is associated with greater nutrients intake, low body weight, reduced systolic blood pressure and small waistline according to National Health and Nutrition Examinations Survey.

Red Kidney Beans $8.99

Canned Tuna

This is a low-cost item and rich in protein and the best way to get Omega-3’s-which is a healthy fat that helps the brain function and help repair our cells. However, to a certain group of people such as pregnant women and kids it is advisable to be aware of mercury levels in canned tuna that can make your food unsafe, eat in moderate amount.

Canned Tuna $35.52

Sweet potatoes

The sweet potatoes are one of the items that have great health benefits as they contain about 377% of the daily recommended intake of vitamin A, 15% of vitamin B6 and they have high contains fibre, pantothenic acid, vitamin C, manganese, niacin, phosphorus, Vitamin B2, B1.

The question comes, how do sweet potatoes help you lose weight? The answer is that sweet potatoes are nutrient-dense; hence they help you feel full for a longer time if you don’t load them with sugar and butter and they are a greater part of a trim diet.

Sweet Potatoes $6.25

Apples and low-cost fruits

Fruits are good to eat and more importantly for weight loss too. Fruits are full of vitamin, fibre, minerals and they help you feel full for a longer time with fewer calories and help your body to increase water intake. Although most fruits are a bit expensive you can find Apples are reasonable prices. You may choose tinned fruits that can stay longer and save you more money.

Broccoli, Cauliflower

These are low-cost items that aid in weight loss too. They are low in calories, contain vitamins and minerals and help you feel full. Some reports from Health Magazine points out that cooked or raw, cruciferous veg such as broccoli have been known for their cancer-preventing powers, contains fibre and ability to prevent weight gain. They also contain vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium, potassium, iron and folate.

Broccoli $1.29

Green tea: Bonus

Although we all know that Green Tea is not food but a great low beverage to consume that is loaded with nutritional benefits. It contains polyphenols like catechism and flavonoids that works as a powerful antioxidant. It also contains amino acids L-theanine that is known to reduce anxiety and improves the function of the brain. Some studies have reported that Green Tea also helps to boost metabolism and helps burn fat.

Green Tea $6.77


High Protein meal replacement

Slimfast $9.99

This drink doesn’t need you to shake it is ready to drink. Just chill before serving
High Protein meal replacement Easy to make as they simply require adding skimmed milk  and a good shake


High Protein meal replacement This is good when you are travelling and you are looking for tasty and quick.
High Protein meal replacement Noodles, a good meal with under 100 calories
High Protein meal replacement   This is a 99% calories range and comes as tasty Red Berry and Golden Syrup to start your good morning
High Protein meal replacement   Snack Bags—These Snack bags are very delicious and easy to prepare
High Protein meal replacement  

Slim Foods $33.14

This innovating pack helps you to kick-start your slimming plan


Cheapest Slim-Fast Shakes

These are vitamin and mineral-fortified drinks that have been made with intention of helping you lose weight and keep your body shape. Slim-Fast shakes have low calories and it has been suggested by the Slim-Fast company that taking two shakes per day taken as a meal replacement in conjunction with other food nutritious food may help lose weight. However, it is suggested that you may accelerate weight loss if you only take the shakes but it is not a healthy way of eating to have a balanced diet. Here you are provided with the cheapest slim-fast shakes that is value for money.

Cost $5.31

Slim-Fast has been helping many people in America to take full control of their diet, lose weight and keep it off. Now after receiving more than 50 clinical studies, the Slim-Fast diet plan has been perfected to have many options. If you can just replace any two meals with Slim-Fast cookies, Shakes or bars have one sensible meal that you can choose, three 100-calorie snacks in between. Doing this makes your metabolism stay burning and you will see that you will never go hungry and you won’t miss out on your favourite foods.


If you are interested in losing weight you need to take in your body few calories than you can burn hence if you take slim-fast shakes is one way of losing your weight. In a study in the ‘nutrition Journal’  in 2003 by Dr Steven Heymsfield looked at overweight and obese participants who took one or two meal replacement each day had lost more weight over a period of the 40-week trial period than the control group that followed a more calorie diet.

Why do we Need Balanced Diet?

When you limit your food to one type of food may have some serious health risk hence although slim-fast is good in losing weight it is not an adequate substitute for a complete balanced diet. You need to know that dietary supplements are not enough to fully replace a balanced diet food because they cannot replicate all the nutrients and benefits of needed food nutrients such as vegetables, fruits. However, Slim-Fast shakes are able to meet some nutrients food requirements but do not contain some beneficial micronutrients and phytochemicals that are found in natural foods. Hence Slim-Fast shakes need not be used for a long time alone as you also require fruits and vegetables to have a balanced food for your body.

Can I lose weight with Slim-Fast Shakes?

It is possible to lose weight fast with slim-fast shakes which can be unsustainable and dangerous-hence a slow and steady approach is easier to maintain and lose weight at a steady rate for a longer time.

Cost $29.99

Facts about Nutrients

A single Slim-Fast Shake in the flavour of Cappuccino has 25g of carbohydrates, 6g fat, 190 calories, 210 sodium, 5g fibre, 18g sugar and also 10g protein. The Slim-Fast Shake is fortified with at least 35 % of the recommended daily value of vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin D, calcium, phosphorus and other nutrients.

Way forward

If you plan to lose weight by making a significant adjustment to your diet it is advisable to see your Doctor or GP for approval or discussion of your options.  As other ways may be going the route of increasing your daily physical activities and following a low calorie after your exercise.



Losing weight may be a goal for most big events such as beach weekends or when your aim is to fit in your jeans. However, you can see that it may be sustainable in long run. Hence the weight loss tips here can help you drop weight quickly and at the same time take care of your body.

How To Lose Weight Fast Strategy.

To get the weight loss in a reasonable time frame is key such that it helps keep your healthy body in check. How? This sounds like a dream, right? What you need is a game plan and if you are looking to find one of such advice here are the tips from experts.

  • Listen to what your body is saying

The key to this is eating intuitively. This means that do not eat just because the clock has clicked 12. The right time to eat is when your body expresses hunger and stop eating when the signs show you that you are full.

  • Up your protein intake

The fundamental part of your balanced diet and healthy meal is proteins. Proteins not only help you keep satisfied for a long time but it also contains amino acids such as leucine that aids in muscle maintenance during weight loss.


  • Cut out unnecessary sugar

You need to assess your habit for sugar and always be aware of the sneaky sources of sugar as it is a sneaky source of calories. Hence it is advisable to cut out, for example, if you normally put two spoons of sugar it is better to have one a day or cut off the cut you put.

  • Add vegetables and fruits

Vegetables especially the green leafy ones are low in calories and high in fibre. The goodness is that since they have low calories you can pile them on your plate without major calorie hit.

  • Eat foods with high fibre.

Studies show that if you have more fibre in your food aids weight loss. The recommended fibre per day for women is 25g while men are 38g


Looking at the type of good foods available that can make you enjoy delicious slim foods while losing weight, it is time to start now and keep your body in shape. Start having slime food today.


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6 thoughts on “Slim-Foods

  • These are great suggestions. I had a baby about 5 months ago so I’ve been trying to lose the extra weight that I gained while I was pregnant. It’s always nice to find easy, healthy options that aren’t overly expensive.

    1. Hi Briana,
      You are right it is nice to get healthy food options and most of the healthy foods are affordable. Thank you for your comment.

  • Andrew Bromley says:

    You have a good selection of healthy food here that can help you lose some unwanted inches around the waist. The good thing about these type of foods is that you can eat a good quantity and still lose weight. I personally need to drop about 15 pounds to get down to a healthier weight.

    1. Hi Andrew,
      That is true, I myself I have lost about 12 pounds after starting selecting healthy and low calories foods. Taking the first step is very important. Thank you for your comments.

  • Hi Lucious,

    Great piece. You’re on the same parallel as I am with the information you presented here. I wrote an article on “leptin” several months back and this is the type of diet that will activate that hormone and tell your brain when to stop eating and alleviate those hunger cravings. As for the cost of the healthier foods, ya it may cost more for those items but in the cost benefit analysis, saving time and money by going through the fastfood drive through or going to the convenience store to grab that quick snack is going to take a toll sooner or later due to the risk of degenerative health conditions that will likely be more costly down the road.

    Thanks for this article, Peace and Blessings, Brad

    1. Hi Brad–thank you for your comments. Indeed these foods are beneficial and cost-effective in long run. I see that it is worth buying these foods if you have the aim of losing your weight while enjoying your chosen delicious meals.

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