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Samsung TV became a leader when it came to smart features as well as its functionality. However, its lead was quickly usurped by the giant LG WebOS that was launched in the year 2014. Best Samsung Reviews has compiled information that you will find interesting and useful in making your upgrade decisions.

Samsung responded in the year 2015 by among other things updated its platform to Smart Hub that is based on Tizen operating system. However, this did not match LG’s consistency updates. Samsung did not stop there in 2017 they gave their platform a big upgrade switching the color palette and also had to update its voice control capabilities.

According to customer rating Samsung has been rate in design, remote, usability web browser and extra features as follows

Design                   8.0

Extra feature        8.0

Web browser       7.0

Usability                7.0

Remote                  9.0


Samsung has better input lag than Sony

Samsung has expressive original design than Sony

Samsung TVs generally has better picture quality than LG with exception of LG OLED TV

One of the advantages of Samsung TV is that at every price range you will find that Samsung TV provides a buyer with a suitable model. However, in this year 2018 competition seems to tighten up and Samsung has to work extra more to stand out on the market as now it seems not to provide as much value as they did previously. However, its performance still remains comparable to other TVs

we take a look at the year 2017 for Samsung TV it is Q7F LED that came out the best as it produces the most saturated colors, that is capable of covering 99% of the DCI-P3 color.

This model also handles reflections really well though it is not the brightest TV in SDR it provides good brightness.

On a mid-range, the best model in 2017 was MU9000 4K LED TV because of its good picture quality with few HDR features and 10 bits of color depth. Further to that, another feature of MU9000 is how well it handles its reflections. These features make it better than an average TV choice. It is also a good choice for gaming that adds to its advantage because its input lag of about 24ms is a best available in HDR

When it comes to best budget Samsung TV then you will think of MU6300 4k TV due to its picture quality and its use of gaming TV. It shares the low input lag that is found across Samsung TV range. Another advantage of it is that its smart features are very good that will offer a wealth of applications and streaming that you may probably need. It is a decent TV although it doesn’t provide local dimming or wide color gamut


Full HD vs 4k/UHD

Today many TVs are Full HD meaning that the TV gives you a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. This technology is gradually being taken by Ultra HD (otherwise known as 4K or UHD) that offers you a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. Which means that it is four times number of pixels? This results in greater sharpness, clarity and detailed HD


The abbreviation HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. This offers you a wider range of brightness, contrast, and color. This is so because a human eye can perceive more information than what traditional TVs gives


Nowadays it is hard to find Plasma TVs because most TVs are either LCD (LED) or OLED

On the market, LCD is very common although you can notice a big difference between the cheapest LCD and the most expensive LCD TVs as a result of types of backlight, panel and the processing technology.

While OLED is relatively a new technology on the market however it is seen as a natural successor to plasma technology.

Unlike LCD TVs, the OLED TVs do produce their own light hence no requirement for backlight or edge lighting. The strength of OLED is its contracts and rich colors although LCD screen is generally brighter.

QLED is a tricky TV. Previously QLED was used to refer to a theoretical self-lighting technology less similar to OLED. However, today Samsung uses QLED to refer to its latest technology Quantum Dot TVs. Although this is still LCD technology it is considered as a beefed-up LCD version rather than a new technology.


If you are looking for a TV with quality pictures, good resolution and value for your money then going for Samsung TV is the best option. The advantage of Samsung TV is that you will find any range according to your budget.

I would recommend Samsung to you as it gives you quality pictures and wonderful resolution.


Samsung TV’s come in different price ranges

Utra HD TV





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  • Hi– I have used Samsung TV and it produces a quality picture it has a 3D as well however it was expensive now with the coming of new technology it makes games and movies very enjoyable– I could not hastate to buy a new version of Samsung TV. You are right in recommending Samsung TV

    1. thank you for your comments-indeed Samsung does produce great pictures

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