Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9 Review

On the market, Samsung has been an Android king for some time now. Now, is the coming of 2018 with the released of Galaxy S9 flagship changing its position? Is it going to beat the Google Pixel 2, iPhone X or iPhone 8? To answer these questions let us look at Samsung Galaxy S9 Review now.

Samsung has released a new Samsung Galaxy S9 which looks to be a revolution of the successful Galaxy S8 Plus. Samsung has made improvements in areas that customers specifically requested, an indication that Samsung listens to its customers hence, Samsung intends to make the best smartphones that fit people from all walks of life.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Colours

Specifications of Galaxy S9 Plus

Storage 64 GB internal with microSD expansion card slot
Colours Midnight Black, Titanium Gray, Coral Blue, Lilac Purple
Battery 3.500mAh non-removable with quick charge 3.0 wireless charging
Camera 12 megapixel real f/1.5 and f/2.4 super speed dual pixel
Operating System Android 8.0 Oreo
Water Resistant IP68 water and dust rating
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 2.8GHz 10nm octa-core.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Features: Hardware

As we all expected Samsung Galaxy S9 features come with a fantastic hardware, the best specifications for a smartphone of its kind which is available in the USA. It is trading at the same price as Galaxy S8 Plus which is a different position compared to Apple iPhone X that starts at  $1000. Galaxy S9 has the best display screen that can probably beat even the iPhone X.

Galaxy S9 back view

Headset Jack

Unlike iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9 comes with headset jack along with a solid pair of AKG earbuds in its package. However, despite these improvements, Galaxy S9 still seem to come on the third position after iPhone X and Huawei Mate 10 Pro when it comes to sound quality.

On the upper left Of Galaxy s9, you will see the volume button with a new dedicated Bixby hardware button that has been placed just above the middle of the left side. One interesting thing is that when you press the button the Galaxy s9 like the Galaxy S8 Plus launches Bixby cards. Bixby is a completely new way of you can use Galaxy S9 or S8 Plus. You can use voice, text or touch to say what you need as Galaxy S9 understands all three.

Galaxy S9 Bixby

Hardware Operations

Headphone jack Samsung Galaxy kept headset while Apple and other Android makers took away
Bixby Bixby assistant is often lamented by the tech press however it is very useful particularly if you work in the filed or if you want to leave both hands free. You can also use Google Assistant on S9 Plus and you use the best of both worlds
Wireless charging Samsung beats many players including iPhone with the fastest charging technology
Edge panels To have its maximum efficiency you can easily swipe in from one side and access customaries edge panel on the S9 Plus.
Carrier availability In all USA wireless carriers and various retail Galaxy S9 Plus is available. It also supports other bands such as T-Mobile’s new 600 MHZ frequency.
Cameras Samsung Galaxy S9 does perform well and provides the best low light experience with the added option of the full manual mode as well. However, Google’s camera processing software is tough to beat
RAM and Storage Galaxy S9 Plus has 6GB of RAM and 64 GB internal with microSD card support for nearly unlimited storage
Display The Galaxy S9 Plus has a larger 602-inch Infinity display with no side bezels and small top and bottom bezels
Memory Galaxy S9            4GB RAM and 64 GB

Galaxy S9 Plus    6GB RAM  and 64GB

Video Playback Formats


TV Connectivity Wireless: Smart View

With Cable: supports Display Port over USB type -C

Samsung Galaxy S9 Camera

Battery Charging Galaxy S9

The battery of Galaxy S9 recharges quickly and is a plus to this model. At least the charging of this battery is still as good as ever. When you are charging in few minutes the percentage goes up very quickly however it takes about an hour and a half to reach 100% once it reaches 80%. The chart below compares the charging time with reference to the charging percentage. Looking at the graph the more the horizontal curve the faster the phone/device loads.

When the battery is 80%, charging begins to slow down and then it takes 1.5hrs to reach 100%

Pros and Cons of Samsung Galaxy S9

Pros Cons
Very improved speakers Some lag with Samsung’s software
Feels good Average battery life
Fantastic display Dual-sensor only on Plus model

Galaxy S9 Screen

Galaxy S9 has rich colours and a fantastic contrast. The screen is slightly curved 5.8-inch AMOLED quad-HD+ panel although little has been changed apart from the slight bump in its brightness however, it is the still the best display to imagine.

The most impressed thing with the screen is the customisation option it offers. In its default ‘Adaptive’ mode colour is rich and saturated with a dominant blue.

The Galaxy S9 sees the bezel thickness below and above the display that reduces further. Further to that, the figure print scanner has been located to a better location beneath the camera, however, it still feels a tad on its side and there is some noticeable lag that jumps to its home screen.

Samsung S9 has added the speaker that matches the display with the AKG tuned stereo setup that is loud enough than S8. This can genuinely make a racket that let you listen to YouTube videos or the podcast.

If your interest is camera quality then both HTC U11 and Google Pixel 2 still have a slight edge thanks to HTC’s cleaner image and Google’s algorithms. However, Galaxy S9 takes a great photo but its colour balance and noise reduction may not be for everyone.

Processor, Memory and Storage

Samsung Galaxy S9 has come with a new Exynos 8910 chip which is still an octa-core chip with four 1.7GHz efficiency cores however the faster four has jumped from 2.4 to 2.7GHz. It is important to take note that Galaxy S9 is clearly capable of handling all that can be thrown at it.

Like the previous model of Galaxy S8 where you get 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage Galaxy S9 also comes with good storage space. If the storage is not enough for Galaxy S9 then you can have a 256GB option and a microSD card which is capable of taking up to 400GB. However, if you are a more power user then you go for Galaxy S9+ that has 6GB of RAM and double the amount of storage as standard.

Galaxy S9 contains almost all the things you would expect from a modern smartphone including 11ac dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, GPS, USB-C and the headphone port. Galaxy S9 can reach a 4G speed of 1.2Gbps which is very impressive; however, in real life, you are not going to experience that kind of grunt.


Looking at the features and many capabilities Galaxy S9 has brought on the market, it is worth buying if you are interested in the quality of the picture, power of the battery and flexible design.


Depending on where you want to buy it, it comes in different colours with a range of prices.

Samsung Galaxy S9  Unlocked $719.99

Samsung Galaxy Single SIM 4G $764.88

Samsung Galaxy S9 128GB Single SIM £869.00

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10 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S9

  • Matts Mom says:

    You’ve sold me! I am so tired of the iPhone and dealing with the issues I have been having. It is over rated and way over priced. I like this phone and the features seem comparable, if not better than the iPhone. Glad I found this information, thank you!

    1. Hi Matts Mom,
      you are welcome-yes if you look at Galaxy S9 it has great features indeed and by far better than many phone models

  • Wow, great information and review.
    I have the S7 Edge, but I might have to take a second look at these newer models.

    That 64 GB internal storage is really nice on the s9, and I like what they have done with the look. It looks even more modern and sleek now! The price isn’t bad either. I think I paid about 800 for my s7.
    Glad to see that it is still water proof as well!

    Are the colors accurately represented? I got my phone and thought it looked a bit different than the pictures originally.

    1. Hi Jacob
      You are right 64GB internal storage is good enough although it depends on how you use it as you have pointed out already S9 comes at almost the same price as S8 Plus which is a plus to its credit. On my page, I have indicated colours available on the market as Lilac Purple, Midnight Black, Titanium Gray and Coral Blue. I don’t know how did yours look like. Once again thank you for your comments

  • William Newsome says:

    I have the Galaxy S8+ and my mom just bought the S9+. She’s still trying to figure it out, but so far she loves it. And I love my S8+ except for that average battery life, but a small price to pay I guess.

    1. thank you for your comments-yes Samsung Galaxy 8 or 9 are both great phones

  • Jessica G says:

    Great information. I have been an Apple owner for many years, maybe I will change to a new style phone when this one kicks the bucket. Thank you!

    1. Hi Jessica– I have been using an Apple phone two but I decided to get some of these new models and I have experience wonderful quality of pictures from Samsung S9 and Huawei P20 Plus.

  • Very nice article on samsung galaxy S9it is one of the best mobile phones from samsung since having Display: 6.3″1440×2960 pixels Camera: 12MP 2160p Battery: 3300mAhLi-Ion RAM: 6GB RAM Exynos 8895 Octa Popularity: 35% 11,524,224 hits you can check its full 360 view and specification analysis samsung galaxy S9 360 view

    1. Hi-thank you for your comment-Galaxy 9s is indeed an amazing type of phone, I have received many good comments about it and I have experienced myself how wonderful this model is-thanks for the further link to its S9 360 view functionalities

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