Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch


Nintendo Switch is a hybrid system as it is a cross between a handheld and a home console. When you want to buy this console it comes with two JoyCon controllers, the stand for plugging the device into your big screen TV and a controller grip. It also comes with HDMI and power cables. Nintendo Switch Game Review looks at the operation, specifications and consumer comments.


Weight        300g (400g with Joy-Con attached)

Size        10cm x 24cm x 1.4cm (with Joy-Con attached)

Storage        32GB (with Micro SD card slot for additional space)

Screen        6.2 inch LCD screen, 1280 x 720 resolution

Processor    Nvidia Custom Tegra processor

Charging time    Approx three hours Nintendo

Switch console has gained more grounds and is selling so fast in USA and Japan beating even the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo Wii. Looking at its current performance to see what makes this jump in sales and how did the system that sis unconventional idea behind its success. Here are some of the reasons why it is selling like hot cakes.


This console is not just a handheld or just a home console, Nintendo Switch is both and further to that it represents a flagship system for the biggest game of Nintendo. Looking at the market you will see that there is no any other piece of hardware similar to it, giving it a great monopoly of its sector. When playing the game on this console it shows you data that indicates players are enjoying the switch in both configurations.


If you are travelling and you have your console hooked to your big TV screen you can take the same console on a flight across the country then Nintendo Switch is the only console that fulfils that option and no any other console on the market. The other greatest advantage of Nintendo Switch is that it seems very unlikely that it will get any other console to compete with the near future.


When we look back in the just past year Nintendo seemed to have to compete with itself when it comes to games in 2017. You hear of Super Mario, Legend of Zelda as the biggest names in the game industry but Nintendo had to release another game in the first year of its launch


The price that was set for Nintendo was just right price looking at its uniqueness and innovativeness. Being played at home or on the goal is a unique service worth your money. The prices people pay make them feel comfortable looking at the services the console offers

Durability is one of the most important factors in deciding a good console and Nintendo has what itt means to be durable.  There were some early concerns from consumers about the durability of the console due to scratches on the screen caused by sliding against the plastic dock and some Bluetooth issues. However, neither of these turns out to be a major issue


If you have a large family you are saved if you buy a system that has its own screen. Nintendo is just like that other than children fighting for one screen. This is a console that makes parents feel safe letting children play with the console. Nintendo builds games that are not just demographically fit but also build games that are easier to use by both children and parents. Parent and children can have fun


If you can name a console that is both portable and a console you will come to Nintendo Switch. In addition to that, it comes together with two controllers in its box. This means you can have multi-player games anywhere and you can break off a Joy-Con to hand to a colleague. This improves social interaction among the people and spread the fun

The games of Mario Kart to Overcooked and Crawl, Nintendo Switch is the best console for local multiplayer games on the market today

Joy or Con?

The most intriguing element on Nintendo Switch is its two Joy-Con controllers that can also be used separately or they can be snapped either side of their plastic grip to make a standard pad. Each of them has an analogue stick, button array on the front and also a four shoulder button along the edge as shown in the picture below

It has built-in accelerometers and gyroscopes for motion control, while the right Joy-Con has a motion-sensitive IR camera that senses movement in front of it. That is an amazing technology. You will also see a Capture button that let you take, store and share in-game screenshots



Fascinating hybrid concept: it is an interesting controller, of the good quality screen and excellent games

It pivots between a big TV screen and the go-portable


Area of fiddly and below par-hardware design, unclear digital strategy

No virtual console (yet) which means there is no access to decade’s worth of classic Nintendo games

Online multiplayer requires matching on a smartphone app


Nintendo Switch was launched with 11 games such as World of Goo, Skylanders Imagination and also just dance 2017

There are many games despite Nintendo being launched less than 12 months ago. The company has already built up a spectacular library of the games that make it a must-have console for many

Mario Kart 8: Deluxe

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Splatoon 2

ARMS, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, Fire Emblem Warriors, Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Super Mario Odyssey



The answer is absolutely yes. without doubt, Nintendo got things right with the switch. Kids love it, parents love it

Check Nintendo Switch below


It comes with varying prices depending on the shop however the variations are relatively small.


Nintendo Switch price

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14 thoughts on “NINTENDO SWITCH

  • This is a great review of Nintendo Switch! I especially like its uniqueness and hybrid concept. I found very interesting its two joy-con controllers that can be used separately or as a standard pad. Thanks for sharing this informative review.

    1. Blanka
      indeed Nintendo Switch is in a class of its own
      thank you for your comment

  • Hadn’t read about Nintendo for a long time. I grew up playing Nintendo.

    Thanks for sharing this informative review of the rather new concept of Nintendo, the hybrid one. Kids will absolutely love it, and the fact that there are already a number of games to it. I would like to play Super Mario on this one. It was one of my favorite childhood games.


    1. Hi Oscar,
      Nintendo Switch is indeed a kind of console on its own ground, children love it, adults love it, visitors at home love it. It comes with many games to its advantage. Thank you for your comment

  • We looked at buying this right before Christmas, but the Youtube reviews were showing how fragile they are. With four rambunctious kids, I couldn’t justify the cost. Have you run into anyone else who has been nervous about that?

    1. Hi–so far not received any spercific problems from consumers however it is interesting to hear what you read about
      However generally any system, console will have problems hence others have pointed out that some users experienced scratches, disconnections and third-party skin problems with Nintendo switch
      However, in a nut shell the console is in its own class due to being home and on the go console

  • Hi–great stuff for nintendo switch. I do agree with you on nintendom i enjoy playing with my children and we do as well when we go for our holiday as we carry it
    thank you for this review

    1. Great to hear that thank you

  • I have been wanting to get one of these to share with my husband but have not really got around to reading the reviews. Thank you so much for the detailed review so we can think about how to make the choice!

    1. Thank you for your comment

  • cheers
    this is great information about Nintendo i was looking for. Would you then recommend it for children games. l have used Nintendo 3DS and my children love it now with the Switch it will make them have fun
    thank you

    1. Hi-Charles
      Nintendo Switch is in its own class, great fun amazing functions and it is ideal for children games, I do recommend strongly you will never regret

  • thanks for good stuff and enjoyed reading it . can you give your view on Galaxy S9 Samsung phone if you can please
    I like the way you simplified the reviews it is easy to follow

    1. Hi Martin,
      thank you for your comments am encouraged. I will put a review of Galaxy S9 soon, why not register so you be the first to be notified

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