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The coming of new iPhone X has brought new technology and features to the way we used to operate Apple phones. Face ID is another security feature you will get from iPhone X.


5.8-inc Super Retina display
12MP dual lens camera
64GB or 256GB internal storage
Available in space grey and silver



The iPhone X or iPhone 10 is an Apple’s hugely important device today. Its release has not only coincided with the 10th anniversary of the most important tech product but it is the Apple’s iPhone for over four years to undergo a major redesign. However, it comes at a cost.

iPhone X

It is the first OLED screen that rises to the standards of iPhone, with high brightness, stunning colours, true blacks and a 1,000,000 to 1 contrast ratio. It contains the most sophisticated technology Apple has ever developed that includes the camera and sensors that enable Face ID. The iPhone X has the most durable glass ever built by Apple front and back, with wireless charging, dust and water resistant.

Its Face ID is made in such a way that it is enabled by the True Depth camera and it is simple to set up. The phone analyses and projects more than 30,000 invisible dots to create a precise depth map of your face. It is indeed an amazing technology to date.

The iPhone X can be charged wirelessly or with charging stations and cafe’s, airports and mats in hotel

iPhone X charging mat.

Let us compare iPhone X and iPhone 8 plus

I have tried to simplify their differences by putting on a table as shown below (this is based on iPhone X and iPhone 8 plus)

iPhone 8 iPhone X
Storage 64GB/256GB 64GB/256GB
Colours Space Grey, Silver, Gold Space Grey, Silver
iOS iOS 11 iOS 11
Biometric security Touch ID Face ID
Processor Apple A11 Bionic, M11 co-processor Apple A11 Bionic, M11 co-processor
Front camera 7MP Face Time HD, f/2.2, 1080p video 7MP Face Time HD, f/2.2 1080p video
Real Camera 12MP wide-angle, f/1.8 OIS+12Mp telephoto 12Mp wide-angle, f/1.8, OIS+12Mp telephoto
Video recording 4K at 24/30/60fps, 1080p slo-mo at 240fps 4K at 24/30/60fps, 1080p slo-mo at 240fps
Wireless charging Yes Yes
weight 202g 174g
Dimensions 78.1×158.4×7.5mm 70.9×143.6×7.7mm
SIM-Free buy From Apple From Apple
Price £799/£949      ($799/$949) £999 /£1,149 ($999 /$1,149)
Battery Life Same as iPhone 7 Lasts 2hrs longer than iPhone8


This is the good phone with a gorgeous OLED screen and its real telephoto camera outplay the iPhone 8 plus in low light. iPhone X front camera snaps impressive portrait selfies and application common today and it faces ID that works just perfect. It has an added feature of face recognition.


However, everything has its shortfalls and iPhone x is no exception. The phone has no home button which means new users need to adjust and its key features like the control centre are hard to reach hence hard to use. The time it takes for applications to be optimised for the notched screen is longer than expected. Due to the high quality of its all-glass design, it means you will need an expensive case as well as insurance cover in case it gets damaged.

 Design of iPhone x

It is difficult at this time to say if iPhone X is a success, however, it is with no doubt that it is a big change to the long-established iPhone formula. Having used iPhone for a long time I still have more to learn from this new iPhone X. The iPhone X has brought a new design of Apple’s iPhone in a big way, not only does it look great and good but it also does a fantastic job. The phone is gorgeous and it is taller than the iPhone 8, however, it is smaller and narrower than iPhone 8 plus.

The front and its real sides are glass and its aluminium sides have been swapped out for stainless steel. Compared to iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 has an extensive bezel running around the display a feature missing in the new iPhone X. This lack of a thick bezel in iPhone X means there is no room for a home button you and me we are familiar with.

The iPhone X has a ‘notch’ and I feel like it gives iPhone X a distinctive look, something that was lost by the dismissal of the famous home button. The ‘notch’ houses the components of Face ID namely infrared camera, flood illumination and dot projector.

(iPhone X notch)

Pro and Cons of iPhone X

Cons Pros
Very expensive Stunning screen
Software needs optimisation Face ID
No fast charging plug included Battery Life very impressive
Best looking iPhone ever
Improved telephoto camera


The iPhone X displays new technology and techniques to precisely follow the curve of its design that goes all the way to the elegantly rounded corners as shown below

iPhone X-curved

Home Button Missing in iPhone X

One thing that may turn you off the iPhone X is the missing of the home button. This is also a huge difference between iPhone 8 plus and the new iPhone X. You and I are familiar with the home button in previous iPhones however we will learn new technology this time.

Removing the Home Button meant that Apple had to make some changes to the iPhone interface. Hence, if you want to buy iPhone X you have to learn a new way to navigate the interface. This varies from one person to the other. Others will find easy and quick to learn the new technology while others may be frustrated with this change. It all depends on how willing you are to embrace change and also how intuitive the new interface way with the new iPhone is. If you are interested to learn how to navigate the iPhone X write your comment below the page and I will upload the steps for you.

Summary of missing home button

We found frustrating for the new iPhone X to have no home button, as you have to perform extra steps that were done be only one button in previous versions, however, it was a lot easier to get used to the different gestures than we feared.

Biometric security (Face ID)

Due to the missing of the home button, Apple introduced another change, which is a face recognition that is not found in previous versions. Apple introduced Touch ID as a figure print recognition system to secure your mobile phone in iPhone 8. This allows you to open and allows you to pay for things using Apple Pay. This time Apple has introduced Face ID a huge departure from the Touch ID.


I feel a bit sad about the missing of Touch ID on iPhone X due to its simplicity of unlocking my phone using my figure just by touching the home button, let alone paying in shops. However, with the introduced Face ID for iPhone X you unlock the phone by simply looking at it, sounds cool. However, as far as it sounds cool just looking (Face ID) at it has received growing concern from customers about how secure and reliable the Face ID is. This also came about due to unconvincing demonstration  Apple delivered during its launch.

To justify this concern there has been, since its launch, various cases of people being able to unlock someone’s iPhone X, normally family members or identical twins and others claim they are able to unlock with masks. This is a growing concern for its security.

However, Apple has assured customers of its security and says that Face ID is more secure and reliable than Touch ID. Apple says there is only a one in a million chance that Face ID could allow someone else unlock your iPhone X. While Touch ID has a one in 50,000 chance of being cracked by someone you don’t know.

That’s it about its security if you want to hear more stories about the security please leave your comment on the page and I will add more information.

Conclusion on security

Looking at Touch ID and Face ID, you will see some benefits of using Face ID such as unlocking your phone just by looking at it, if you are busy in both hands (eg caring an object) just look at your phone and it recognises you. However, it can be frustrating that you will still have to press the side button to activate a payment which you have to as an added security.

iPhone X Camera sensor

The camera found in iPhone X is a dual 12-megapixel camera on the rear as are on iPhone 8 and that makes it smaller iPhone yet benefits from two sensors. Apple has said it had completely rebuilt the sensor improving it by making it faster and larger and it has a new image signal processor (ISP) for better colours and textures.

When you compare its pictures with other phone cameras iPhone X is truly excellent with only the Google Pixel 2 taking shots as good. The picture coming from iPhone X is more saturated than previous iPhone although it is not to Samsung level. The picture from iPhone X is excellent for landscape shots as it offers a fantastic feeling of depth.

One of the things that have impressed me on iPhone X camera is that In a low light it still produces clean crisp images with minimal noise and more importantly it doesn’t resort to overexposing light sources.

On the portraits images, it is great too especially with the vast improved secondary camera and its constantly evolving Portrait mode. It produces excellent pictures even when the light is not great.

It has an excellent video too which can be captured in 240fps slo-mo at 1080p, and 4K at a ridiculously smooth 60fps. In order for you to utilize 4K 60, what you need to do is switch to Apple’s new HEVC format.

iPhone 10 battery life

Customer experience indicates that the life of its battery sits between the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus in terms of endurance. It can take you throughout the day, however, as you know it normally depends on how much you use your phone. Apple said the iPhone X battery life will deliver two more hours than the iPhone 7 battery and this so far has proved to be true.

The iPhone X joins the iPhone 8 plus on wireless charging as the first Apple phones to support wireless charging. The iPhone uses the open Qi charging standard similar to Samsung Galaxy S8. This means that iPhone X can be powered up via a host of pads.

Should you buy iPhone X now?

It represents the most advanced phone technology and a huge change in the direction of series of mobile phones. The previous version of iPhone 8 and 8 plus are great phones, however, their ageing design and lacking real innovation holds its competitiveness, hence iPhone X stands out as the most innovative design.

Although the design is great and looks good I feel like it is far behind in appealing to the Android crowd because there is nothing really new that you cannot get from Android device. For example, if you want a shiny device with proper end then you go for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or you can get Google Pixel 2. However, if you are an iPhone person then no doubt iPhone X is ideal for you.

The grass used on iPhone X is a stunning piece of engineering work I have seen indicating that Apple has the capability to give amazing technology in future. Its Face ID is a massive lift to Apple capabilities.

The biggest roadblock or challenge is, of course, its price. It goes at around a thousand pounds or dollars which is a huge investment. If you want an iPhone that shows that you move with technology then iPhone X is the way to go. However, if you just want an iPhone with the great and excellent camera, Touch ID then go no further than iPhone 8 or 8 plus.

Customer reviews

The fake home button works well but it doesn’t feel as nice to use as an actual home button

Despite the phone supporting fast-changing, Apple only includes standard 5V/1A charging brick and standard USB-A to Lightning cable

The camera takes really detailed and good-looking pictures.

Action and conclusion

It is a right time to buy iPhone X as it has improved camera and gorgeous looks with new Face ID technology.  Click the link below to have a look and buy.

iPhone X  ($)


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