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Huawei P20 Review

A Chinese manufacturer called Huawei has announced the Huawei P20 –Pro which represents the most high-end smartphone. Huawei P20 is a top end design with a guanine camera innovation and represents a significant upgrade from Huawei. We take a look at Huawei P20 Review to understand its features and capabilities.

Huawei P20 Pro

Huawei P20 Features

  • 8-inch FHD + LCD Screen
  • 12-megapixel colour and 20-megapixel monochrome
  • 3400mAh battery, USB-C
  • 24-megapixel selfie camera
  • 55um pixel size

Different colours.


HUAWEI P20 Pro Single SIM: Available in Midnight Blue and Black colours


HUAWEI P20 Pro Dual SIM: Available in Twilight, Midnight Blue and Black

Nano-SIM + Nano-SIM

Huawei P20 and Huawei P20 Pro

Both phones have a button on the front which is a good place for a button too good to many customers. It also has home button and fingerprints scanner all in one. With the mentioned three cameras for P20 Pro, it is something to shout about.

Huawei P20 Huawei P20 Pro
Battery 3400mAh 4000mAh
Weight 165g 180g
Screen 5.8-inch, 1080 x 2244 LCD 6.1-INCH, 1080 X2240 OLED
Cameras Front 24MP, f/2.0, Rear camera: 12MP RGB, f/1.8 + 20MP monochrome f/1.6 Front: 24MP, f/2.0, Rear camera: 40MP RGB, f/1.8 +20MP monochrome, f/1.6 +8MP telephoto f/2.4
Memory 4GB RAM and 128GB storage 6GB RAM and 128GB storage
Dimensions 149.1mm x70.8mm x7.65mm (HxWxD) 155.0mmx73.9mmx7.8mm (HxWxD)

Lest look at the Pros and cons of Huawei P20

Pros Cons
Powerful phone camera Thick bottom bezel
High-end design No headphone jack

The phone is expected in the UK on April 6 with an estimated price of £799 (about $1,110).

Huawei P20 Design

Huawei P20 design is indeed one of the best built and good looking phone the company has ever produced. After Huawei released ‘meh’ P10 the new P20 takes a bold step from Huawei which is a huge step forward for its series. However, the Huawei P20 may be held back by customer concerns that are typical of Huawei phones so far. Huawei has also introduced the Huawei P20 Pro which is larger of the two phones. The P20 Pro comes with a triple-sensor camera system OLED display, more RAM, larger battery and water resistant. However, if you are a person who prefers screen-size of 5.8 inches, then this is not your type.

Huawei P20 Camera

Huawei P20 Camera has its own added value. It has two cameras at the back with 20-megapixel (f/1.6) RGB sensor paired with a 20-megapixel (f/1.8) monochrome sensor and both cameras have big 1.55um pixels. However, P20 Pro has three cameras.

I do not like monochrome sensor and I don’t know about you. It takes pure black and white shots. However, what makes the camera admirable is its software. The software helps it to produce a photo focusing system that predicts your captured movement, so this theoretically means you do not miss your shot.

At its front, you will see a 24-megapixel selfie camera with numerous beauty which some of you may like. Some of you may ask why three cameras in P20 Pro? The reason is Huawei has decided to add a telephoto lens as well which I can say is a plus to its design.

Its RGB (that is colour) lens has a whopping 40MP that works alongside a 20 MP monochrome sensor. For its automatic mode picture, it combines the images from the two lenses.

Compare Huawei P20 Pro vs Galaxy S9 Plus

How does this newly introduced smartphone P20 Pro compare to its rival Galaxy S9 Plus? Let us look at its features, Pros and Cons of Huawei P20.

The table below summarises the comparison of Galaxy S9 Plus and Huawei P20 Pro to give you a clear picture of how they differ.

Galaxy S9 Plus Huawei P20 Pro
Storage 64/128/256GB (expand using microSD) 128GB (expand using micro SD)
Processor Exynos 9810/snapdragon 845 Kirin 970
Battery 3500mAh 9fast charging) 4000mAh (supercharging)
Camera (Rear) 12MP + 12MP 40MP + 20MP + 8MP
Camera (Front) 8MP 24MP
Display 602 –inch infinity display QHD 6.1-inch FullView FHD

The uniqueness of Huawei P20 Pro

Huawei P20 Pro takes six seconds during exposure in order to get enough light then it applies artificial intelligence to deliver sharp images and then helps it to avoid the blurring and smearing normally associated with the employment of this technique handheld. Huawei has a great mission of becoming the world’s greatest smartphone brand, however; we are yet to see if it manages to be so. Huawei is the third behind Samsung and Apple; however, it has met a huge challenge in USA telecom network as they have refused to sell its handset.

Camera quality

Just like Apple and Samsung series phones that have gone on sale recently, Huawei has come on the market to give consumers a pitch for the P20 Pro that is based largely on new camera capabilities. Galaxy S9 Plus made a great move to have two lenses on its real, now the Huawei P20 Pro is distinguished by being the first on the market mainstream phone to feature three lenses. Although it is hard to compare cameras of different phones unless you are looking for a side-by-side comparison, Huawei P20 Pro has shown a step ahead of other players.

Manufacturer 2017 handset shipment Market share Year-on-year change
Samsung 317.7 million 21.7% +2.0%
Apple 215.8 million 14.8 % +0.2%
Huawei 154.2 million 10.6% +10.7%

Source: BBC Technology

Huawei  Battery Life

Huawei has placed great importance on the life of its battery to the extent that both P20 and P20 Pro have larger batteries than the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. The P20 has 3400mAh battery which is 13 % larger than Samsung and P20 Pro has 4000mAh capability which is 14% larger than S9+.

However, the big battery has come with a sacrifice to help accommodate these larger batteries. Huawei has made either an evil sacrifice or a sign of being brave on the market depending on how you look at it. Huawei has removed headset jack to keep the phone thin and light despite its large battery making it one of the good-looking phones on the market.


We are yet to get its availability and pricing when it’s on the market formally, however depending on the information, Huawei P20 Pro seems to take an upper hand.  This is due to water resistant, longer battery life, better camera and more RAM. Huawei has introduced a competitive P20 Pro in terms of pictures quality and has three cameras. If you want to enjoy its battery long life then go no further than Huawei P20 Pro however it falls short in many areas compared to Galaxy S9 Plus or iPhone X.


It comes at a lower price than Galaxy S9 or iPhone X.

Huawei P20 £352.85

Huawei P20 Pro

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  • Very nice and impressive post. I must say that it is very informative and the imagery and photos are awesome, the content is thorough and leave nothing out of what customers would like to know about the product. The content is very inviting and encourage people to buy your advertising fellow friend.
    Regards and congrats.

    1. thank you Xavier for your comments- I do appreciate

  • Thank you for this review. I must say I have not heard of this phone. Maybe it’s unavailable in Canada? It’s impressive though. I think the camera capabilities are amazing. In this world where everyone is taking pictures and videos with their phones, it’s an important feature.

    1. Hi Suzanne,
      Huawei P20 and P20 + have been released however in the UK it is found in Carphone warehouse going at £48 per month contract and it has been said in Canada it will be found by the following Canadian telecoms: Telus, Koodo, Rogers, Bell, Videotron, Virgin Mobile and Fido.
      Looking at its camera indeed the phone has been placed at a competitive level and it seems it is taking centre stage now.

  • Nouman Habib says:

    I never thought Huawei would become the third largest mobile company in the world. The phones they offer are of really good quality and cheap too. Not promoting Huawei but from the review the P20 pro looks great. I’d definitely love to try this phone, the looks are awesome.

    1. Hi Nouman,
      You are right Huawei is moving forward with its quality products, the Huawei P20 Pro has a quality picture and it is positioning itself on the market. I can recommend it.

  • I don’t know why shouldn’t I just buy Apple iPhone X for the same as Huawei‘s price, iphone’s AI tecchnology low MP camera is giving better results than Huawei’s higher MP cameras. Don’t you agree?

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