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Reducing math anxiety should be a goal of everyone and every institution of learning. This guide will help you or anyone who is experiencing math anxiety in their life to overcome math anxiety.


The ten ways to reduce math anxiety is a step-by-step process that will help you get out of this loop

  1. Overcoming negative perception
  2. Ask question
  3. Practice maths as a foreign language
  4. Avoid relying on memorizing mathematics but understand
  5. Read and understand maths text
  6. Use different sources
  7. Develop responsibilities
  8. Enjoy while doing maths
  9. There are more than one way of solving a problem
  10. Take your success and share with others and learn from the mistakes you make.

Overcome negative talk/perception

One of the great things you can do yourself is simply by having a positive attitude towards mathematics. Hence, you need to avoid negative talk about mathematics instead you can set high standards and expectations and then rise above to the occasion.

Ask question

Don’t be reluctant to ask questions thinking if you ask you look stupid, no no no. Asking questions is a great sign of strength necessary in mathematics. You will be surprised that your question will benefit many people in your environment.

Practice maths as a foreign language

Maths has to be practiced daily. I practiced every day when I was in high school and university you know what I got distinctions (A*). Remember to always do your homework; this helps you build a base of skills and concepts. Build your confidence by practicing maths; start with easy questions get confidence then go to harder ones. Use math games as they are another excellent way of building up confidence and enjoy playing with a number a good basis for mathematics.

Do not rely on memorizing

Do not rely on memorizing mathematics, although you will need to memorize some parts of mathematics such as formulas, however, understanding is the best way. If you understand mathematical formulas chances that you will forget is very minimal

Read and understand the text.

A good practice is to read before the teacher teaches, that gives you a good start to  understand keywords when the teacher talks about it and gives you clarity hence puts you ahead of anyone else

Use different Resources

Develop the practice of using different sources. This helps to understand the problem or an example. You can use or refer to Maths text, research on the internet, use flash cards, journals or you can use available tutoring on campus.

Develop responsibilities

Be responsible for your success hence if you are a student and you miss class get to class notes go through and learn what you have missed, ask questions where you don’t understand. This will help you catch up with your friends.

Enjoy while doing maths

Enjoying your math activates will motivate you to do more. Be sure you know your maths from the basic. If you can’t then start doing math games, they are powerful in helping you with basics.

There are more than one way of solving a problem

You will be pleased to know that there are many ways of solving maths problems. Do not give up, first understand the problem and think of how to come to the answer. It is like you want to go to Town A but there are many ways and modes of arriving at Town A that’s exactly how maths works

Take your success and share with others and learn from mistakes you make

Talk to friends about how you arrived at the answer this helps solidify your understanding and gives you confidence in explaining how to arrive at the answer. When you make a mistake learn from it once you do that you have zero chances of failing the same question again


Start now, it is not too late–start with math games, simple mathematics and build from there. Remember practice makes perfect.


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18 thoughts on “Guide Reduce-Anxiety

  • Very informative article. I was the student all throughout school who hated math. I didn’t understand it and the teachers didn’t help me to understand it any either. I did have math anxiety. My mom told me one time that she was called to my school (I was in grade 1). She thought she was going to hear about how great of a student I was. The teacher told her that every time it was math I had to go to the washroom. I was also put in the “special class” because I was so bad at it. I never got any better at it and ended up dropping the class altogether in high school. Maybe if I would have practised it more often it would have been better.

    1. Hi -your story is not alone many people have experienced the same, however children today can be helped through starting with math games, it is a powerful way of building confidence in numbers and eventually they start loving numbers or mathematics. This can be done with adults as well not on academic grounds but to build confidence in numbers, never too late in mathematics
      thanks for your comments

  • I hated maths at school, and was very anxious about going to my math classes. This information here would have been handy to have back then.

    I have children and will get them to read this post, I don’t want them to have math anxiety, playing math games is a good idea.

    1. Hi Nick–indeed kids benefit a lot from math games and they start loving numbers. Even adults can benefit from some of the math games by helping to build confidence in numbers such as connect four, dominoes. thank you for your comment, if anything reaches back to me and i will help

  • I will be definitely using some of those tips. I just started university and math will be one of the subjects I will have and need to pass. Honestly speaking, just the idea of doing the math again gets me nervous as I do not remember anything from the high school. Very good advice for people like me for sure

    1. thank you, Anna, you will see the benefit of this, I have many people who have been helped in building confidence with numbers. Nowadays in advanced countries, primary schools have all sorts of math games because they have proved to be very helpful to children building confidence in numbers. Reach to me if I can be of any help. Wish you all the best

  • Wow, what a great article, I really love the way you have explained everything. I totally agree with all the points you have mentioned to reduce anxiety and it is really very important to spread this awareness as anxiety is very very common now a day as a result of super busy life and commitments. Thank you so much for sharing this great article with us:)

    1. Hi Sarah
      you are welcome-it is true math anxiety seems to be on increase however we can do more to help reduce this anxiety
      thank you for your comments

  • These are wonderful tips to help students reduce mate anxiety. I know some kids that strong with math. This article will help them out tremendously. I wil share this with them. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hi Hong
      thank you for your comment. Yes, you can share with people you think can benefit from the information. i do appreciate your comments

  • Great article. I really hated math since I was in secondary school because of its large number and its complicated formula. I was also having a serious math anxiety. So, I guess I need to try these tips.

    1. Fazjj
      thank you for your comment. Indeed these tips will help you build confidence with number thereby start liking mathematics, sometimes it is because how were taught or people we worked with didn’t motivate us. I remember I used math games when I was young and mathematics had been my best subject throughout the school to university. I got A* in maths and when I started teaching maths my students were introduced to math games and I tell you a quarter of the class got A an A* and more importantly many of them still love math up to now. Let me know if I can be of any help. All the best

  • Ileana Villasmil says:

    Wow i had no idea there was such a thing like math anxiety! I do enjoy math, specially cause it’s part of what i do, music is math in many ways. I have a question, i play Sudoku a lot, it’s with numbers but you don’t have to solve operations, is more on the logic part. Does it help to reduce math anxiety?

    1. Thank you for your comments. Suduki do make significant contributions to working with numbers thereby helping you build confidence when you come to work with numbers-so yes it does

  • This is a great post for not only maths students, but pretty much any student. The principles are useful, practical and very effective indeed. Thank for this!

    1. Hi Andrea
      thank you for your comment. Doing math games has helped many people and is useful to everyone who wants to gain confidence in maths.

  • hello
    i had maths anxiety when i was in primary and high school but did not know it was maths anxiety. Your information has opened my eyes and many kids do suffer from maths anxiety, there is need for awareness about it i think-how do you think

    1. You are right Vincert-awareness can help a lot particularly in schools, the more aware people are the less it will be

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