What is the best video game console for families?

Choosing the right console these days can be an overwhelming task one that can be harder than it ought to be. This is despite that there is only three console manufactures namely Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. Each one of these has multiple models on the market today.

What is the best video game console for my family, is a commonly asked question? This review will help you answer this question. The reviews will answer the important question you may have.

considering buying a game console the question comes to mind, which game console is fit for my family? The answer to this important question depends on many factors. However, reading a review can help us make an informed decision.

If you have used play station before you may be aware of how useful they can be to children and adults as well. There are differences between different play station models and that gives us the advantage of making our choice of which play station meet our needs.

The good thing is there are many consoles that will fit your needs hence in this gaming console review we will look at these consoles, compare their functions and what their market rating. We will recommend the best game console based on your requirements.

Are you a  hardcore gamer who can spend hours and hours on a game, or are you a parent/guardian looking for a better game console for your children or looking for a game console that has multimedia entertainment options?


Video Game console reviews will help to highlight pros and cons of every game console. Each console has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on their functions.


Depending on your needs, however, if you want the console that turns into a hub of theatre, then it is time to think of Xbox One that has Kinect camera accessory. There is a unique function about this console despite glitching out at times, between its integrating Blu-ray drive and support every major streaming service, it has hundreds of video to be enjoyed while you are comfortable in your house. Microsoft gives you the opportunity of passing your cable box through your console that enables you to watch TV while you are enjoying services on Twitter in a handy sidebar. These are unique features that put Xbox stand its ground.

Microsoft Xbox One S

The latest Microsoft video game that has improved feature from the previous version. Its size is smaller than the previous version almost half of the standard Xbox One and has 4k capabilities, beautiful minimalistic design and internal power supply. Although it doesn’t have exclusive video game titles which is a weakness that has been addressed by other consoles such as Nintendo Switch and Play Station 4 it is a powerful console that stands on its ground due to its quality that still sends a statement on the market.


Xbox One S is clearly a modern console which is the superior version of the old Xbox One and many people point out that it is a stepping stone to the rumoured Microsoft next console, codenamed Project Scorpio. Depending on your liking Xbox One S allows you to load plenty of your favourite titles into the game console. You can get consoles of varying capacity such as 500GB, ITB or 2TB storage. Having a large storage area gives you the freedom to load many programs. If you use this console not only for gaming, the High Dynamic Range (HDR) and 4k capabilities can give you satisfaction

Xbox One S is a great multimedia console which is a much-needed step in the power of processing and video playback quality


Xbox One S has 1.75GHz  eight-core AMD custom CPU that beats those of PlayStation 4 and 4 Slim however it fails behind the 2.1GHz eight-core AMD custom Jaguar CPU of the  4 Pro. Xbox One S has 8GB of DDR3, while PS4 Pro or Scorpio’s has 5 GDDR5 memories

Another downfall of Xbox One S system is that it has no corresponding virtual reality (VR) unit this time while Play Station has a VR headset known as PSVR.

Prices of Xbox One S

Prices of Xbox One S varies from vendor to vendor, however, it is less expensive just to buy this console, however, you have the option of buying a bundle, that includes a game and sometimes other more accessories for less than total cost of them all if you can buy separately. The advantage of buying a bundle helps you get a quick start on the games

Ranges from £229.99 to £349.99


This means that you and your friend play the game in the same room, same TV and typically same console. On the TV screen, it becomes a split screen for each player. This type of console favours Nintendo over Microsoft and Sony PlayStation.


Reviews Nintendo Switch

The latest video game console on the market is Nintendo Switch after it released Wii in 2012. This console is smaller just like 6.2-inch and has smaller controllers called Joy-Cons that can also be used in multiplayer games. Reviews Nintendo Switch offers you more information on the device

Nintendo Switch is a one-part console and one-part handheld and it the latest piece of hardware that fits gaming well. This piece of hardware proved to be offering exceptional level service and quality. However, it is seamlessly being transformed into a console at home an adaptability that has a compromise for it to stand out among home consoles as it is not quite as good as other consoles according to reviews Nintendo switch console.

However, compared to other gaming like Wii U and Nintendo 3DS this Nintendo Switch has gone out on the market bringing something new. The advantage of this piece of device is that it functions both as a handheld and as a console thus allowing you to take it as you go out and use it as a console at home.

This has made Nintendo a preference to many as it is a game on the go and enjoy full home gaming and have a console in the home as well when you are comfortable at home.

Another side of Nintendo Switch

Although it present as a device offering something new it has its shortfalls too like any other device. It has lots of accessories this creates a risk of losing or misplacing some of them. You get the main body of the console, detachable controller sides, a grip that helps you to combine portions of the controller into a controllable gamepad, two strips which are used to attach sides and make into two individual controllers and also a dock that enables you to plug the console into your television.  You also get a USB Type C power cable plus HDML cable that can be used to connect to your television too.

The goodness of Nintendo Switch

This device has a simple set-up and the console needs to be told whether Joy-Cons are being used together

If the Nintendo Switch is being used as handheld then you need to attach the Joy-Cons and you press the power button

If you want to do gaming on a TV what you need to do is to plug the dock into the TV through the HDML and plug to a power source via the USB Type C power lead.

If your aim is to pair the connectors it becomes a little complicated because it can be used separately or it can be paired. So how do you tell the controllers that you are using this side? What you do is press both the L and R shoulder buttons in any configuration


What is the battery life of the Nintendo switch 

One of the good questions people ask is what is the battery life of the Nintendo switch? It is claimed that its battery last from 3 to 6 hours depending on the type of game as well as Wi-Fi and brightness settings. Customer comments have varied however overall it indicates that the battery works close to its claimed period of 3-6 hrs.

Should you buy Nintendo Switch?

Among the big three game companies, Sony and Microsoft strive for the top place Nintendo Switch is striving to get the consumer on its side by adopting the core attributes that have seen Amazon, Netflix to be successful on the market. Hence, should you buy Nintendo Switch? Although it is not as powerful as the other consoles it presents a good alternative to handheld and home console as it can be used for both. Like me I can’t help but love having Nintendo Switch due to its versatility and since I like travelling it fits well and when am home it fits well too.

Nintendo switch price

The New Nintendo Switch price varies from shop to shop. Below are the costs

Renge from £259.00 £299.99



The table below compares gaming consoles provides a simplified comparison in capabilities of each console


We have tried to cover much online game review that looks at a gaming platform including PS4, Xbox One, PC, mobile, Nintendo, PS3 and Xbox 360 so you have a chance of reading most thoughtful and trusted reviews on gaming.

These trusted Reviews also covers new gaming news and provides a great guide to help you reviewing gaming keyboards and mice, controllers and consoles.

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  • JAMES LEWIS says:

    Hi there great post i had this dilemma a few months ago and wish I had read your post then I opted for the switch and I am not sorry it’s a great console and suits me well as I spend a lot of time waiting around sitting in my car. Thanks for sharing some great info here

    1. You are welcome James, due yo many brands of consoles on the market sometimes a customer finds difficult as to which one is good. Thanks for your comment

  • Wow, Thanks for making the gaming console comparisons easier. And just in time for my holiday gift purchase session. I am going to go with Nintendo. 🙂

    1. thank you for your comments–it is indeed a good console

  • We’ve had a PS4 for years… probably the 2013 model, since we certainly didn’t purchase on last year. 🙂 We also had a Xbox 360 until last year. However, the PS4 is our favorite. We had both because it seems that console companies gain monopolizes on some games. In order to benefit the best of all worlds, you tend to have to opt into more than one console. Like Nintendo is big for games great for the entire family.

    Nice breakdown

  • We’ve had game consoles ever since the ps1 came out. We then went to the ps2 and then Xbox. From there the Xbox 360 and after that ps3 then finally Xbox one, were we are at now. I like your review on them, I’m thinking that the ps4 may be the best due to the compatibility features.

    1. Hi Fred,
      You are right PS4 is one of the best game consoles on the market nowadays–thank you for your comment

  • Hi and thank you for this thorough review. We have had an XBox 360 for a while now and because we have a lot of games for that, I’m reluctant to buy another brand and have to start all over again. However I’m also not sure if my XBox 360 games will work on updated versions of XBox. What do you think or suggest? Looking forward to your reply. Gail

    1. Hi Gail
      Thank you for the question, this is an important question indeed: to answer your question I will suggest that if you get Xbox One you will enjoy its service with the Xbox One update you will be able to buy Xbox 360 games and download them directly from your Xbox one which was not possible before. What Microsoft has done is, it has built an Xbox 360 emulator within the software of the Xbox One. What this means then is that you will have an Xbox 360 on the new Xbox One. This springs to life when you insert those old discs or boot up the last gen game.
      Selected Xbox 360 games are Xbox One enhanced that gives the additional power of the console for a very high resolution which is 9times the original pixels count. In short, you will use Xbox One backward compatibility. The good news is that it is free, no extra costs hence Xbox One backward compatibility will allow you to play selected Xbox 360 and original Xbox games you already have on Xbox One.
      So I suggest if you still want this model of console to buy Xbox One and you will be able to use your Xbox 360 games
      Let me know if you have further questions or need further clarification

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