Guide to make money online

Have you ever wondered how to start making money online? This is one of the common questions people ask when they want to join like-minded people. To answer this question this guide will take you step by step

Create your website online

To make money online the common and successful way is to have a website. This becomes a foundation for your business and you will build your products from it. How to get a website is simple and easy. There are free website templates out there. You will get free website template where you can create one. One of the sites recommended for this type of websites is WA. On this, you will create free websites and choose a design that fits your business. When you have created a website you will need two things

Domain name: Domain is important if your website is to be unique and be assured anywhere n the world. You can get this for $13 one year

Web hosting: when you have created your website, you have your own domain name then you will need hosting. Hosting means keeping your web pages in a service where it can be accessed

Guide on how to get started: this is where you will get help from your site hosting on how you can manage your website. Creating a website these days is not complicated and you don’t need to have qualification or special training, everyone can make one in less than 10minutes

Choose a Niche

When you develop your website, you need to have chosen niche. This is the area you are interested to do your online business. For example, if you are interested in shoes you will design your website selling shoes

Write quality content: related to your niche

After you have chosen your niche and developed your website you will need to populate your site. This is putting or writing notes on your pages. Structuring your information, incorporating pictures and sometimes videos will help you get more traffic. However, what is more, important when you are writing your content is using keyword tools. The best keyword tool is Jaaxy. You can create a free account and you will have an opportunity to check words or phrase that will attract more traffic. Traffic is people that visit your website

You don’t need to be a professional writer to have good and quality content; however, there are some guidelines that you need to know to in order to produce quality content. I will give you an affiliate that will teach you step-by-step process and has been rated as the best

Attract traffic to your site

Once you create your quality content you will see more people visit your website. You will also need to engage with your audience in such a way that when they ask a question be active to answer them or thank them that you have seen. Interacting with your traffic is vital to the success of your business.

Getting organic traffic (free traffic) will help you build your business for a long time as it displays the quality of your content. You can also get traffic through paid advertisement through other sites such as on Google Ads, Facebook

Once you get traffic, you monetize your website traffic

When you have traffic as your traffic increases you will see that it turns to money as they are the ones who will buy products from your site. But how is money made when people visit your website. The answer is ‘it depends on what you sale, however common means of monetizing your website niche is as follows

  • Selling your own products
  • Promote other vendor’s products

When you promote other vendor’s products is called affiliate. You can be an affiliate member of Amazon, that means you will be promoting Amazon products on your website and when people buy those products you get a commission. This is the most and only used means of getting extra cash online. Affiliate will save you the time of warehousing your product, the best affiliate program that you can enjoy while learning to build your successful website is WA Affiliate. It is free and you will have access to free website builder.


Samsung Galaxy S9

We have Galaxy S9 on the market and has brought a new revolution for Android phones.

Samsung has released a new Samsung Galaxy S9 which looks to be a revolution of the successful Galaxy S8 Plus. Samsung has made improvements in areas that customers specifically requested, an indication that Samsung listens to its customers.

As we all expected Samsung Galaxy S9 comes with a fantastic hardware, the best specifications for a smartphone of its kind which is available in the USA. It is trading at the same price as Galaxy S8 Plus which is an added value to its credit.



Consumer Electronic Reviews

In this world, we are overwhelmed by a number of brands that sometimes make our choice of products difficult. Consumer Electronic Reviews play a crucial role in purchasing decisions we make. When we know the pros and cons of a particular service or product from consumers who have first-hand-experience it helps you make an informed decision. Product Review websites are many, however not all do provide reviews for all products, you need to find reviews relevant to the product you are interested in.

This site will provide you with the review for:

Nintendo Switch
Game -Console

Math Game

Smart Mobile-phone

Browse the sites and you will find reviews that will give you how the product is doing on the market.